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Anyone out there want to trade? I am not new to the forum, I just dont post alot. I can send mine first to build cred. I have a Graycliff 1666 10 cigar flight sampler. Also have 2 each of the following. RP fusion, RP fusion MM, El Mejor espresso, Padilla Obsidian, CAO VR. All are torps or toros. I am looking for any of the following. CAO Gold, Cusano 18 Dbl. Con., Cusano Legends (Gray label), Drew Estate Legends (copper label), Nub Con., R+J Reserva Real, Montecristo White.


  • StoogeeStoogee Posts: 157
    Hey Leonard if I get a chance to hit the B&M this weekend I will work out a trade with you I know I can pick up at least the CAO gold, R+J and the Cusano 18 there. I am on call for work though so not sure when I will get a chance to get there but if I cant get there this weekend I will try to make it sometime next week.
  • leonardleonard Posts: 359
    Stoogee, sound good. Let me know.
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