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I need to find something to help cleanse my palate and breath after I smoke. Here's the deal....while my fiancee doesn't care if I smoke, in fact she has bought me cigars from time-to-time, I can tell that she doesn't care for the aftermath, the cigar breath. Nothing is said, but i can tell that it's not too pleasant. I totally understand. I had an ex that smoked cigarettes and I didn't care for her breath afterward, so I just want to be curtious.

I have chewed gum, gargled with Listerine, the whole nine yards, but the cigar smell lingers. It seems as if the only thing that kills stogie breath is time.



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    well.. to clense the palate is one thing. to lose the smell is another.

    first clensing the palate:
    If you plan on smoking one cigar after another you will have to clense the palate before lighting up the second. This will help you tast the second cigar better. so... Cigar smoke is alkiline. so clensing the palate should be easy. Eat some lemon sorbet. Or drink some OJ. then drink water to get THAT taste out of your mouth. or you can go the way of drinking something that is acidic but will complement... Coke classic.

    As for getting rid of the smell... thats a hard one to deal with. My wife hates my cigars. she is mad every time i bring home more. Here is the proscess i have come up with:
    after i smoke, i eat something. (i usually eat before too but i digress..) Ill eat food that will coat my mouth. My current favorite post smoke treat is PB&J. Ill then hop in the shower. since i have facial hair i shampoo that as well. when i get out, I shave (if i have to) use whatever after shave i am using. i then floss and brush my teeth. I do use listerine. I make ure to brush my tongue my gums and my cheaks. everything.

    she usually doesnt notice if i have had a cigar or not.
  • rickspinrickspin Posts: 4

    Part of your problem might be something other than your breathe. Every time I go out on the patio to smoke I get the "look" when I come back in. "Oh God, you smell like smoke". Brush your teeth as usual and make sure you run the brush across your tongue several times. Then you might want to change clothes as they have picked up the odor and may be causing your wife's smoke detection radar to go off.

    Spray those clothes with fabreeze and that should knock down the odor quite a bit. If that doesn't work, talk your wife into smoking a cigar with you and your problems are solved!!!

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    usually my number one smell lingerer is my clothes, next is facial hair, next is my tounge. usually I just change my shirt, wash my face and beard (no need to wash the hair, i wear a hat most of the time). then brush my teeth, no ammount of eating anything will get that smell out, thorough brushing and brushing of the tounge and cheeks. other alternative is to "accidentaly" blow some smoke in the house, then her nose will get used to the smell in minutes then wont smell the faint smell left on you after the cleansing.
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    Shower, floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash. I'm lucky though as my wife like the smell of cigars so as long as my breaths okay it's all good!
  • Try a product Cigar Clear. it works wonders.
  • LarryD:
    Shower, floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash.

    Ditto, I can finish smoking a cigar 25 minutes before I see my girlfriend and following that procedure she has never been able to tell. Personally, I skip the flossing but make sure to put on some deoderant.
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