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There has been plenty on here about Utopia and their house cigars, and I'd like to add some more. Through a trade with lilwing what seemed like years ago, he gave me a Utopia Blue maduro and it blew me away. I immediately went out and bought a bundle of 25 and they weren't up to par with what lilwing had traded me. I smoked about 5 more giving them a heck of a chance to fix themselves and they never did. So I started giving them away.

I received a pm on this site from Kevin of Utopia cigars indicating that there was a quality control issue within the time frame of me buying the cigars... I asked if I could send them back and have them replaced to which he jumped right on and shipped them back to me on his companies dime.

I just got the package in this morning with all the cigars I returned, plus 4 more great looking Utopia branded cigars. I appreciate this kind of service and I believe everyone should know about them... along with Cigar.com who has taken me to the woodshed countless times with their deals and brands.

Thank you Kevin and Utopia cigars for your kindness and personal note included in the package... another sign that there really is customer service beyond Cigar.com.


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    As a loyal Utopia customer, I appreciate your kind words and am happy to hear about your experience. Kevin has really been working hard since he took over the shop for his father. He's brought in more inventory, he's been offering more deals and events, and he's been really focusing on the customer's needs. His old man would be proud of him...... Anytime anyone wants to meet me for a stick at Utopia, I'm always game. And I'm buyin!
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