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Gonna try to do this like Joey

Started coming in today.

RP Decade
Gran Habano Vintage 2002
Felipe Gregorio Icon
La Herencia Cubana OF
CAO Brazilia
5 Vegas Miami
Padilla Series 68
Padilla Miami
(2)Tat Havana VI
RyJ Viejo
NUB Conn
Nica Libre
262 Pardigm
Gurkha Liga C-10
Ccom Sun Grown
Monte Cristo Flora Fina (my first Monte Cristo!!)

More in today:

Gurkha Legend
5 Vegas AAA
RP ITC 10th Anny
Slow Aged by Perdomo
Padilla Obsidian
La Vieja Habana

Thank you very much to both of you!
Hopefully I can keep up. Thanks Gents!


  • sirfoster83sirfoster83 Posts: 783
    Updated. And you guys are burying me here. Too generous but thank you very much.
  • sightunseensightunseen Posts: 2,130 ✭✭
    Looks like you got mine. Congrats and enjoy.
  • sirfoster83sirfoster83 Posts: 783
    yes I did thanks Tony way too generous brother
  • Duder2Duder2 Posts: 926
    Hey Brian, glad they got there safe and hope you enjoy :^)

    Oh, and that Gurkha is a Legend, not a Centurian. Wouldn't want to get those confused if you haven't had one before...
  • Poker_SlobPoker_Slob Posts: 1,269 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Holy Crap!! Well Brian, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is, I just found your lotto package in my coolerador... the good news is, I can look at your list that's posted, and change out for sticks you didn't get from the others. I feel really bad, so I'm gonna bribe you with a couple extra sticks so you don't put me on the "bad traders list". I'm really sorry....I'll get it out ASAP. Tom
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