cigar smoking camper's paradise

I notice a bunch of you fellas enjoy spending time in the wilderness with your cigars. I thought you might enjoy this. This is the full length version. There are 6 parts of it available for viewing if you don't have time. . ########### . I would like to retire to an existence such as this myself. I only hope I have the courage and the means to do so. Time will tell but the it's something I am thinking about as retirement nears. Enjoy.


  • SchroozSchrooz Posts: 165
    Sheesh. I guess no smoking during the subzero temps, huh?? LOL!!! :).
  • Dude, I just finished watching this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. The idea of it is so awesome to me. Frankly, I will never do it, at least not to that extent, but it is heartwarming to see it. Funny how ANWAR was supposed to be a refuge, but no one else can do what they did. People are the ones excluded. Very good show. Thanks again.
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