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September 26, 2010

Cain Habano
Smoke time: 70 minutes
Paired with ice water

Prelight: cigar foot, sweet with a hint of honey, firm, there was several large veins present, I like the simplicty and the colors of the stick with the foot band, good contruction
Wrapper: oily but not a lot of smell to the wrapper

1st 3rd: The first 4 or 5 draws I was blasted with a very strong citrus flavor with power, the citrus then completely died out and moved in to a smooth mocha flavor and towards the end of the 1st 3rd moved in to a chocolate

2nd 3rd: Citrus came back briefly but not as pronounced then moved in to a nice strong nutty flavor and towards the end of the 2nd 3rd a pronounced carmel showed up which I really enjoyed

3rd 3rd: A nice strong nutty flavor came back and then moved in to a grassy flavor, towards the end of the cigar a strong spice and pepper presented itself (I would have enjoyed more of this throughout) and finished with a grassy mocha


Prelight: 12/15 (lost points because of the veining)
Draw, Burn & Ash 28/30: Draw was perfect for me, ease and produced large volumes of smoke, the burn needed to be touched up a couple times but nothing I would penalize it for, ash was a very consistent grey and held nicely, I removed the ash when I wanted
Flavour 40/45: The standouts for me was the initial blast of citrus this was something new also really enjoyed the carmel flavours, nice short finish, definately a cigar you can follow up with a palette ready to enjoy another, this cigar could have earned another point if there was a little more pepper and spice
Overall Impressions 7/10: This is a very enjoyable cigar, I am a fan of strength in a cigar although this one is not as powerful as it's stronger brother the Cain F, the flavour profile is better. This cigar would have no problem cracking my regular lineup and is priced well




  • firetruckguyfiretruckguy Greeley, ColoradoPosts: 2,529 ✭✭✭
    Hell yeah!
  • docbp87docbp87 Posts: 3,521
    Thanks for the review. I just cannot, no matter how hard I try, get into the Cains I've had. Still need to try the F.
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