Reposado ’96

Smoked the Maduro tonight what a great smoke I'm pretty new the whole non Cuban scene and did not know what to expect when i got my order i have smoked 4 so far but this one was probably the best so far the... a little strong starting off but got a nice hint of coffee after about half way in also found it pretty spicy and sweet which is different for me but i love it.. can't wait to try the Habano and Connecticut... I'm sure there are a lot of other flavours in there but my pallet is not that refined yet i guess it comes with time.. i am for sure getting some more of these spicy meat balls...and there cheap to boot!


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    I really dig on the Reposado line, great value and a nice long tasty smoke for a great deal. The conny was a little light for me but the maduro was right up my alley. A little spicy, kinda dry and a touch sweet and i got the roasty coffee tones as well. Burn and draw arent perfect but well within the scope of acceptable. Havent had the habano yet though. I'd smoke more but they are a long smoke and i usually only have time for a robusto or maybe toro. But then again at 2-3 bucks a stick you dont feel too bad setting it down before you nub it either. If i'm not mistaken, i think its an AJ creation too.
  • Jetmech_63Jetmech_63 Posts: 3,454 ✭✭✭
    By the way, Welcom to the board Frooty!
  • thanks man seems like a great bunch here
  • I have had all 3 Reposado's. The maduro is my fav then the Habano. I did not like the Conn at all.
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    I only had the Habano when I got a 5 pack a while back and have one left. While I am impressed with the flavors and burn, I am a little disappointed with how quick they smoke for the size of the cigar, and I don't consider myself a fast smoker. I want to give some rest to the last one I have just to see if that help and the other four I have had where just a little dry.
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    Just had a Reposado CT on a long drive today, and I must say I was pretty impressed on the taste. Smooth smoke, not too light, and a good draw. A very nice cheap everyday cigar to have in your humi. Especially for your non-cigar buddies that wanna steal a stick.
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