Anyone Had the Nestor Miranda 1989?

I was just curious about these smokes. I enjoy most of Nestor's cigars and was just curious if anyone around here has tried them and what they think. Has anyone had either the Oscuro or the Rosado?


  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    I've had the Oscuro and it was an ok smoke. It wasn't anywhere near the Special Selection, but it was a totally smokeable, everyday kind of cigar. Now that you've got me thinking of it, I'm going to pull one out and give it another go. I'll report back after that and let you know.
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403
    So I just got through smoking a 1989 Oscuro robusto and it was a lot better than I remember it being. I got some nice nutty notes coupled with coffee and a bit of spice with a strength level medium+. For the price this is a solid cigar, I honestly don't know what those guys on the DD thread were talking about when calling it mediocre and a dog rocket.
  • PuroFreakPuroFreak Posts: 4,132
    Joe, you are the man my friend! Found a good deal on these for a 5pk and wasn't sure how good they are. Thanks a lot!
  • PuroFreakPuroFreak Posts: 4,132
    Well crap... I missed out on the deal I was hoping for on these. Was an auction and the price got up to the MSRP on them so I dropped out. I'll have to order a couple singles on here or pick some up at my B&M if they have any.
  • cleakecleake Posts: 21
    I enjoyed it especially after I found out it was another DPG w/ medium filler
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