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Pryme by Alec Bradley 200X

rdnstnrdnstn Posts: 993 ✭✭
Well tonight I had my first stick by Alec Bradley and I must say that if his others are anything like this, Gurkha has a real competitor in my book. Let me start by saying that we were actually able to schedule "Cigar Night" for the first time in a few weeks. I've had some cigars during that time, but this was when all the guys could sit around, shoot the bull and just enjoy some cigars. In anticipation of this, I looked through my humi and narrowed down my choices to either a La Gloria Cubana Series R or the Pryme. After reviewing the write ups on CCOM, I chose the Pryme because it just sounded interesting.
So anyway, fast forward to smoking time. I opened the humi and pulled out the stick (man I love that smell). Looking at the dressing on this stick alone is just impressive. It had a colorful gold trimmed band and then a cedar wrap with a gold ribbon. Removing the cedar wrap reveals a nicely constructed cigar with a uniform, golden brown appearance. The wrapper had some minute veining that was almost unnoticable. The wrapper was also slightly dry but probably due to my location and storage rather than construction. Because of the dryness, the Ecuadorian wrapper started to peel ever so slightly but not enough to detracvt from the smoke.
The flavor is where this smoke really won me over. It was very complex and even with my untrained pallet I detected no less than 4 distinct flavors. I couldn't necessarily identify them but I could tell the difference between them and I must say it was very flavorful.
Smoking characteristics were excellent. The burn was even throughout except for one small spot that required a slight retouch to get it even again but then it burned even the rest of the way down. The first ash didnt fall until almost an inch and a half into it. The draw was excellent, not hard at all but just enough resistance. The smoke was cool all the way down to the last couple inches where it started to warm some. The smoke was thick but not so much as to be overwhelming and as before, full of flavor. The flavor built for about the first two inches and then it came alive as I hit the sweet spot and never stopped. It just kept building from there and then the finish was amazing. It's like the flavor kept building and then about two and a half inches from the end, it plateaued and stayed there until the end about an hour and 20 minutes after I began.
My overall impression was that this was a fantastic smoke and a definite finger burner for me. I will certainly be buying more of these and recommend them for anyone, newbie and afficionado alike. In my opinion, a must have in anyone's humidor

Appearance and Construction 12/15
Flavor 24/25
Smoking Characteristics 23/25
Overall Impression 32/35

Total 91/100

I'm curious what anybody else thinks of these and for the more experienced out there, are there any recommendations for similar smokes. Let me know, I'm anxious to hear.


  • pilot711pilot711 Posts: 176
    Good review. I haven't tried this one yet although I have enjoyed the MAX. I will have to pick one of these up to try. Thanks.
  • I couldn't agree more. Your thorough review spoke to every aspect of what I find to be a unique cigar. This was a finger burner for me as well (100R) and if I'd had another I would have smoked it back to back.
    I don't think there's another cigar I'd compare it to although there others I like as much. I'm buying a sampler of each size and then purchasing a box (or two) of the one I like best.
  • mikalsanmikalsan Posts: 53
    Thanks for the insight. I just put a couple in the humi. I have something to look forward to now. I asked Kuzi for the flavor wheel, so maybe I will be able to help us all narrow down the distinct flavors. I know what you mean though. I just smoked a Graycliff Crystal, and it did the same thing to me. I just kept getting new flavors the whole way through, adding to my enjoyment every time. Nothing like a cigar which is full of flavor. Any one recomend the MAXX maduro. I have one thats been resting a couple weeks.
  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,219 ✭✭✭
    Mikalsan, I smoked the Maxx Maduro tonight. The worst cigar I've smoked in a long time. Mild, bland, burned crappy. I have another in the humi and I hope its better but I doubt it usually a bland cigar is a bland cigar. I wrote up a whoel review and everything bc I was all excited about it but quit half way through bc the only flavor I could get out of it was a hint of cedar, just a hint. It was a dull earthy cigar that had an extremely dry finish.
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