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Looking for Positive thoughts/Prayers

Whichever is your thing. I know ive posted about various parts of this story over the past year, but like a bad movie, the sequel came up faster and worse than anyone wanted. Ive also mentioned it privately lately to some people, but figured I would get it out and in the open.

wrote this up before in a message to a friend, so im just pasting...

about 3 weeks ago... all in a 5 day period, i had 3 very close friends diagnosed with cancer... 2 of them relapses.

1- my father figure back in NY, beat prostate cancer less than a year ago, now they found a spot in the 1 lung he does have.

2 - my friend casey. Osteo sarcoma 18 months ago, 20 years old when diagnosed. was first thought to be a pinched nerve in her leg... by the time they found the cancer, they had to take her leg and pelvis. Now... they found spots in both her lungs.

3 - the big shock... jamie (my girlfriend)... her sister got diagnosed with cancer. same scenario as Casey... pinched nerve that wasnt. Almost same spot, but its a less aggressive cancer... Ewings Sarcoma. Localized, probably wont spread... and they "think" they can save her leg. looking to replace with titanium. Year of chemo... just a long road.

Life got messy cause of #3. Jamie is a mess, im a mess, and supporting her is basically my second job right now under my actual job.

So... my head has been up my butt lately. Need to get more chill time in to smoke when I myself am feeling better (always with the sinus problems on my end). Kinda rambling post, i think. sorry.


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