Gurkha Spec Ops

Not sure how many of you guys have had the chance to smoke these. I had my first one that Jsnake hooked up with about a month ago.

Nice looking construction. Dark oily wrapper.

First few puffs nice tobacco flavor and not much else. Not alot of smoke. Draw was nice.

After about an inch or so i started to get some sweet flavors mild coco with the tobacco still there. as the cigar went on i got more of a toast flavor and spice started to come on. as the cigar went on seemed to get some more smoke and more spice. had about 2 inches when i put it down due to the cold but all and all a good smoke.

Burn was great a 1 or 2 corrections due to the wrapper peeling a little bit in the middle. Looking forward to the next one think ill give it another 5 months or so then let the last one rest a yr. see how they are.

If you can get your hands on some of these i would recommend it.
Thanks again Jsnake

Any one else that has had these i would be interested to hear your thoughts.


  • Nick2021Nick2021 Posts: 938
    Saw one of these at the local B&M for sale...wife said the knife was sharp, but I didn't really look at the package or cigars...good to hear the cigars smoked great. May have to give it a second thought.
  • I've been looking into getting that fancy box of these for some time's good to hear they smoked well. I'm definitely going to look again
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