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Who wants these Perdomo's?

I am new to the board as many will be able to see, but I have a few Perdomo cigars I will give somebody, as I have to make room for a shipment of cigars coming in. I bought a sampler pack of Perdomo's, smoked a few of them, and I don't think they are my taste as of now. I will probably revisit them later on down the road, but I am rotating others in to try and find my particular taste(s) as of right now. Here is what I have:

2 - Habano Corojo
2 - Habano Maduro (1 has a lighter color than the other)
2 - Estate Vintage 1991
1 - Reserve 10th Champagne
1 - Lot 23

I have tried almost all of them, except the 1991 and corojo, but as I said, just don't think they are my taste right now. If you would like them please PM me and I can ship them out to you. If you would like pictures of them prior, let me know and I can get them up as soon as possible.


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