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Introduction from another Canadian

Hi all, My name is Rick and I'm from Saint John, NB, Canada. I live an hour from the Maine border. I've been a customer of CCOM's for a couple of years or so but have never signed up here at the forums and hardly read them except the cigar reviews. It wasn't until I saw just happened to see the FURIOUS thread 2 or 3 weeks ago that I started reading the forums on a regular basis. And when Alex said that he would help out Canadian and International customers who PM'ed him, I thought I would take him up on that offer. So I finally joined and now I am here to introduce myself to this great online cigar community. From what I've read so far there is lots of great info to be found here from lots of great people. Looking forward to being a part of this community and hope that Alex and CCOM can somehow help out the International customer, somehow. I've really enjoyed my customer experience here at CCOM (thanks to Jeff J and Andrew) and hope to continue being a customer. Rick aka "stubshaft"


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