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Help Mold!

My cigars taste like acid, noticed taste a week ago, some had it all the way through others only partially, but the taste was the same. Tore apart humidor and discovered a white fluffy mold on the humidification block, that smelled like the cigar taste. Replacing humidifier with crystals.

If I let cigars dry out then re-humidify will the taste go away? Is it even safe to smoke these?


  • Maybe I'm just hardcore but I've smoked cigars that have had mold. I just wiped it off and smoked! I'm still alive. Doesn't mean I'm normal but I was never normal to begin with so I'm not sure if I suffered any ill effects. :-)
  • wwhwangwwhwang Ottawa, ON, CanadaPosts: 2,878 ✭✭✭
    Try wiping down the mold and inspecting the cigars. If the mold has burrowed past the wrapper and into the filler, you may want to throw it out. And yes, it's good that you're throwing away the sponge humidifier and going with gel beads.

    Also, just to be safe, I would suggest taking the cigars out and gently wipe down the inside of the humidor with a very light coating of distilled water mixed with white vinegar. This will help kill whatever spores are left in the humi. Leave it open and let it air out for a day or two so that your cigars won't smell and taste like vinegar. Re-season the humi and you're good to go.
  • Humidor has been aired out, there is no mold on any of the sticks or on the humidor itself, just the sponge. But OMG the taste.
  • Nick2021Nick2021 Posts: 938
    Should be okay, just follow the advice already given...funny thing is, had a B&M try to sell me a box of cigars with mold on them...as crazy as it sounds, I ended up buying a single cigar because I wanted that particular brand...just wiped it off and smoked ROTT :)
  • DiamondogDiamondog Posts: 4,169
    Some initial thoughts would be to obviously remove the humidifier, remove cigars, thoroughly clean the entire humi out...I would recommend keeping those cigars out of the humi and only put new ones in, keep the cigars with issue in something else tupperware, another humi etc and see if some time corrects the taste issue...obviously if the cigars have any visible mold gently remove it with a soft cloth if possible, in not toss them..
  • KriegKrieg Posts: 5,092 ✭✭✭
    I would agree with the others in that if the mold is past the wrapper, then that cigar is done. But I wouldn't smoke a cigar that had mold on the wrapper either...but that's just me...life is too short to smoke infested, tainted cigars...IMO.
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