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Cigar Tobacco - from seed to plant

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Found this on the Puff forum, posted by tzaddi, and I thought I'd bring it over here:

I thought some might find a few photos and a bit of text demonstrating how small tobacco seeds & seedlings are a bit interesting.

It's that time of year again on the West Coast, about 4 weeks into my growing season and the Tobacco seedlings are starting to show.

A single mature tobacco plant has the potential to produce as many as a million seeds in just one growing season.

A teaspoon of these tiny seeds can grow into enough seedlings for 6 acres.

I still find it amazing how small the seedlings are when they first appear.

The plants I grew last year ranged in size from 6-8 feet tall. Each plant can produce approximately 20 leaves measuring from 19-30 inches long and 12-18 inches wide depending upon conditions and species. These sizes do not include the late Ligero pick. The colors can vary from yellow to dark green including all shades in between. Most are covered with hairs that secrete a thick and sticky liquid.

As the plant matures, an irregularly branched flower cluster develops at its top. The variety that I grow produces a nice pink flower.

Well there you go, hopefully this conveys a bit of the amazing process that is the "birthing of cigars".


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    great pics there

    if you have ever been in a tobacco field or in a curing barn (even in the states) you will be able to get a good look at the plant.
    the curing barn has a very distinct smell that i just truly love.
    a few cigars have it on their prelight aroma.
    if you ever get the chance to go into a curing barn anywhere do it. you will see what i am talking about.
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