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Don Pedro?

Ok so me and my cigar buddies were sitting around smoking and talking about cigars. When one of my friends asks, "have any of you guys ever had or even seen a Puerto Rican cigar?” All of us had the same answer, Nope. So I did some digging and the only Puerto Rican cigar company I could find is Don Pedro. I have yet to try this brand. So I was wondering if anyone out there has had this cigar or know of any other Puerto Rican companies. I am a bit of an adventurer. So I like to try everything and anything that I can. So please let me know any reviews or suggestions that you might have.


  • saw this post while i was on the site, so i signed up to answer your question...i live in the usvi (only about 60 miles from PR), so don pedro is now one our most "local" brands.  don pedro makes a good quality product, and also may be one of the only companies that ship to AFO/APO, military, and us territory addresses.  we always have a problem in the islands with stateside companies willing to ship to u.s. territories, etc., so this is a good option and i like to support companies that haven't "forgotten" about shipping to us at strange mailing address.  since at one point a while back i wrote a review that ended up getting posted on the testimonials for the don pedro site, i will refer you to that for specific details, but this is a professional, legit company with a good product.  i ordered another box recently and passed them out at my wedding reception; enjoyed by all...
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