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testing analog hygrometer

i was curious about something. i have read through alot of topics, but have not really seen an answer to this question i have. i have had my humidor for about a year and half. recently it has started dropping in RH. i thought it was just the weather, as it has been pretty cold here in texas. i guess my question is, what to do with the hole in the front of my humidor while i am re-seasoning my humidor. i want to take out my analog hygrometer and test it while the re-seasoning is going on. i have a xikar digital hygrometer inside, but would really like to know how accurate my analog is. so i was wondering what i could use to cover up my hole in the front? is masking tape ok, thought it might now work too good? electrical tape? what do you all think? i am going to have to put some thin weather stripping because for some reason my lid is not making a good seal. might end up just breaking down and buying a new humidor, but would like to still have this one for a back up. this one is a 50 count humidor, with a glass top. no problem with the glass top though. i would really like to hear your opinions. forgot to add, i do have heartfelt beads, 65%, and 70%. not at same time. i started out with 65%, and changed to the 70%, felt like it made a difference in my cigars.


  • doromathdoromath Posts: 576
    It nothing pretty to look at, but I made a plug out of Seran Wrap over tightly bunched paper towels. The astic wrap prevented airflow and the paper towels can be bunched tight enough that they make a good pressure fit. No way did I want to muck around on my humi with tape, so this worked.

    I only did it once for giggles. The digi is all I really look at.
  • skweekzskweekz PAPosts: 2,279 ✭✭✭
    Someone on here suggested using painter's tape to tighten up the seal a bit. Appologies to whomever it was that said it first since I forget who it was!
  • laker1963laker1963 Posts: 5,046
    You mentioned early in your post that your humidity was dropping in your humi. Your intentions to reseason the humi is probably a good idea. After you have reseasoned your humi properly, you may find that the seal is back to the way it should be. Don't forget to wipe the seal wood with a damp cloth, as this will help the wood to swell and repair your seal. DO NOT over do it, just a damp cloth and you may wipe it a few times but don't soak it.
    As far as checking your analog hygrometer... I would wait until my humi was seasoned, and then maybe calibrate the digital hygro. With the humi seasoned and the digital hygro calibrated all you have to do is compare the readings from the digital to what the analog one reads.
    You could run the 65% and 70% together, they won't work against each other as they both work within ranges and are not locked onto one setting, i.e 65% range from 63% to 67% and 70's from 68% to 72%. Hope this helps sir, good luck.
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