jdn cabinetta

man, i picked this up at my b/m, what a fantastic cigar, it was the two tone one. dont remember the name. i tasted cedar and a coffee sweetness. great stick. ok its the cabinetta. i see cc doesnt carry them


  • RoyalCigarsRoyalCigars Posts: 106
    I picked up a 5er of these in the toro some months back and they I smoked one and gave one away, that's a good smoke! I should pick up some more on my next order!

    -Regards and Long Ashes!
  • I've been waiting for a box of these from my local B&M for over 6 months now. I can't even remember what they taste like. So much for 'local' customer service...
  • i had one of these at my b&m on friday great stick!
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