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Hearfelt beads tube

I've been introdiced to hearfelt beads from some of the posts and ordered a 65% 2 oz tube. It is managing my rh very well, but I guessed at the amt. of water to add.  I can't see into this thing well enough to know what % of the beads are clear. Musta guessed right . . . seems to be working fine -- but is there a trick to seeing the beads inside the tube? 


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    leonardleonard Posts: 359
    Roger, I have the same tubes in my humis. If you look at them with good light you can see the beads through the mesh.
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    Big DeanBig Dean Posts: 120
    You should be able to open both ends up.
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    Thanks. I tried that, but they seemed stuck on pretty good & I was afraid to force it. I'll take another look. Thye're working just fine by the way -- holding 65% nice & steady.
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