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In a tradin mood!.......updated

Well since I've slowed way down on the cigar buyin in the last month or so im getting rather bored so I figured I'd see if I could set up a trade or 2. I've listed what I have available. I'm really looking for some rarer stuff. Maybe b&m exclusive or discontinued blends. Nothing real specific just trying to mix it up a bit seeing how I've bought just about everything Ccom has released this year.

2 GoF 2006 Carlito Pyramid
1 Oliva V Maduro 2010
1 MoW Armada
1 AF Anejo 50
1 Opus ****
1 Kristoff Mad. Torp
1 AF Hemi. WoA Maduro

If u think u have something that may interest me just shoot me a pm.

Edit:All right, I worked out one deal with Hoff for some rarer stuff now I'm just interested in anything along the same lines as what I have listed. Nothing real specific.


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