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have to be distilled?

does the water to recharge my heartfelts HAVE to be distilled? reason i ask is because i have a RO/DI water filter for my reef aquarium and wondered, is the reasoning behind using distilled water because it has less chemicals than tap water? if so, my RO/DI unit filters my tap to read 0 TDS so it literally removes everything but H2O... so could i use that? or is there something specifically to Distilled that makes it the number 1 choice? thanks


  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    Distilled doesn't have minerals in it - minerals, over time, can mess with the beads, making them less effective (it's ok if you do it once or twice)

    If getting distilled is hard, just head down to your local Publix or WalMart - a gallon of it sells for about $1.00

  • gettin distilled is no problem believe me, but since i payed $300 for this RO/DI filter then i figured i might as well maximize its use... so if the use of distilled comes from the fact it has no minerals in it then id say RO/DI should be fine because it has no minerals in it, or anything else for that matter
  • xmacroxmacro Posts: 3,402
    If the water has no minerals or additives of any kind, it should be fine - you just don't want the beads to absorb anything other than pure water
  • fantastic! thats what i needed to know.. thanks
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