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God of fire

I finally talked my wife into letting by the Feunte God of Fire Sampler (try to justify $115 on 5 cigars).  Im just trying to find out if its worth it, that could be almost a box of something else.  Let me know.


  • jihiggsjihiggs Posts: 469 ✭✭
    It is like going to a real fancy restaurant, you pay out the nose for small portions, but its very good and a lot of passion went into the preparation. It is the same with these cigars. Are they worth the price, I don't believe they are, did I buy one and enjoy every inch till my fingers burned? Absolutely! It is a very good cigar and a decent way to treat yourself, but buying all 5 is a little steep. I got mine by splitting it 5 ways with other internet brothers of the leaf. You might try posting that proposal on this forum, just might get some people interested. at least a couple would be, leaving you with 3 cigars. If you catch me on one of my weaker impulse buying moods I might be one of them lol.
  • TccargillTccargill Posts: 23
    That sounds like a good idea, ill consider it. Thanks
  • carmike22carmike22 Posts: 70
    I'm excited about this cigar. I picked one up from Casa Fuente a few weeks ago. I got the torpedo 2005 Carlito. I can't wait to smoke it, but I will have to be patient as I would like to age it for a few years.
  • I smoked a god of fire, and it was one of the best in my short career. I would just buy one though like I did on cigar.com.
  • i had one 2 nights before i got married last december. sadly, i had it while drinking a newcastle. though i love new castle and fuente, they are not the best mix, especially when some one else paid for the cigar with their left nut. i wasted it! the next night i had a stradivarius my brother purchased for me. Dude! freakin awesome! i wouldn't say that they are worth the price you pay but reguardless, still a good smoke and great gift.
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