bad light? Stored incorrectly? Just a bad stick?

AdcuriumAdcurium Posts: 174
I had some humidor issues a while back and I haven't really been able to regulate the humidity level since. Well, I picked up a box of Romeo & Julietta at an event the other night and i put them in my humidor. When I smoked one last night it unwrapped and the foot seemed to have 'exploded'. Could I have done something differently to have prevented this? Photobucket


  • looks like they could of been over humidified? Too much humidity can cause cigars to expand and have that very soft spongy feel. Drastic change in temperature along with too much change in humidity can cause those kinds of things. How to the others look or feel?
  • AdcuriumAdcurium Posts: 174
    You know, I SORT OF thought it was alittle spongy and over-humidified last night. When my humidor went funky and everything dried out over the holidays (while I was on vacation), I added an extra dish of H2O. But my hydrometer still says humidity is low. And then when I added 25 more cigars to it, I figured it couldn't hurt to leave that bowl of water inside. Obviously... this could be proof that I was wrong. I won't get a chance to have another until Monday. I hope it is better.
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    I live in S. Louisiana. It can get very humid. I have had cigars blow up in a matter of hours, especially if left to outside air. I was working on one last summer while I was in my shop. It expanded and fell apart before I could finish it. You would think that the hot flame would dry it out. But, it only draws in hot, moist air.
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