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Sunday Morning smoke

La Flor Dominicana., double ligero with fresh ground French roast coffee. One hour of flavor bliss.


  • VinceVince Posts: 36
    Good Morning , it is Sunday 27 Feb.2011 a wet cold day here in da burghwith a sparce covering of snow you can see the grass in places a far cry from the 10 inches of heavy wet snow we got this past week, it has been warm enough to melt off most of it but the weather man said we are not finished with winter as yet.... it was so bad last monday my grandsons piano lesson was canciled & he was ticked , who called it off was what he wanted to know, well we had 10 inches of snow, the roads were jammed with traffic & accidents , the snow plows were stuck in the rush hour traffic & it being a holiday ( Presidents Day) every one had some thing to do beside going to work.... Personally I think Presidents day is a waiste of time & money , its in Feburary , its cold out , you have a hard time getting out of the area to have a good time & you get just one extra day on the weekend, ,,,, I say save it for late summer when you can use a day off to go to the beach or pool..... How Ever I have been able to smoke a few extra fine smokes this past week.... a few Contraband Montes & El Ray del Mundo 's have made it out of some ones humidor & into my ashtry... the monte was a corona from the mid 80's & had a tiny split on the foot whitch burnt a little uneven for a time But the taste, draw & aroma were OUTSTANDING .. it paird very well with a cup of Indian Malabar coffee & a snifter of 18 YO Glenlivette ...... glad I didnt have to take the grandson to Piano lessons that night .... it was a great way to pass a few hours of quiet time , I was so relaxed the cigar went out one time , It was a quick relight & it didnt seam to have any ill effects to the monte at all.... & Saturday I had the el ray Robusto paird with a 16 YO Laugavulin & Mug of Eathopian peaberry ....... this was a first time taste of this coffee & it wasnt as sweet as other peaberrys I have enjoyed in the past, not that this was bad or anything like that it was suprising to be as Bold & heavy as it was .... I did enjoy it , just suprised .... BUT as good as they were I did get a few dog rockets in the week...... a pack of samples from a boutique cigar roller some place in Miami set me a pack to try ....... & after 14 days in the humi I figured they were ready for a taste test ONE was smokeable out of the 4 cigars ... I have NEVER had a cigar plugged so bad that a nail wasnt able to open it up, the filler was loose but the cigar just plain SUCKED , no draw, no flavor & NO SMOKE ....... Today I have a few sticks lined up for the Sunday Morning Smoke the heat is on in the Qtr.Deck & I will get the hunk O beef in the oven soon, then its off to the races & a relaxing afternoon with a few friends, like Don Carlos III & Johnny Walker Green. & I am sure that Jaun Valdez will show up with some thing worthy of the spirits & smoke .... I am still looking for a car to replace my Mercury Sable ,,, I just havent found what I want or can afford at this time , , Oh I have a few that I would love to have but cant afford them , & the ones in my price range well lets just say I am not a young kid looking for a a 4 door street racer with low profile tires & a stick shift, lets face it I am an old fart looking for a luxury ride so I can get in the passing lane with my blinkers on & go 45 MPH & hold up all the boy racers on the highway hahahaha & with the price of Gasoline going UP again I might be looking for a subcompact or a gas powered skate board of some sort... My Sable gave me over 20 MPG & it was comfortable & I loved it , right now I have been driving the wifes Ford 500 Limited ,,,, it need tires & the cheepest I can find are 600 a set of four , dammmm thing has 18 inch wheels But it gets 18/19 MPG arround town not as good as my old car, sure its comfortable & has all the toys bells & whistles , BUT THE BOSS SAID NO SMOKING IN HER CAR hahaha I have a lot to do this morning & a short time to do it so I will get this BS posted & get back to the cigars & scotch ....... Enjoy, Vince
  • beatnicbeatnic Posts: 4,133
    Did you say a 16 yo Lagavulin? Bythe way, its 65 and sunny here in the south. Ejoyed my smoke al fresco.
  • Wow that was some reply. Got a headache just looking at it lol
  • DiamondogDiamondog Posts: 4,169
    Wow that was some reply. Got a headache just looking at it lol
    Vince does a weekly Sunday post, the title of this thread and his are similar, I am guessing he didn't notice...
  • beatnicbeatnic Posts: 4,133
    I already sent vince a pm. Didn't realize ii was stepping on his intro
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