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Cain Maduro 550/'09 Oliva V Maduro Up for Trade

The Cains have been box-aging for a little over a year now, I just find I don't care for the maduro nearly as much as the habano. There are 12 up for grabs. The Oliva V Maduros are from the '09 batch, and also have been box-aging for a little over a year, there are 6 of these up.

I'm looking for any of this in return:

Xikar HC Criollo(I'm really hoping for these, been wanting to try them since they came out, have yet to find one)
Liga Privada T52
Oliva Master Blends III
LFD Air Bender (preferably in the chisel size, but I'm open to any)
Alec Bradley Prensado
Alec Bradley Tempus (natural or maduro)


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