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Eulogy needed

skweekzskweekz PAPosts: 2,279 ✭✭✭
So today my two huskies start freakin out at a noise at the door. I get them out of the way and fling the door open to be greeted with 9 rounds strait in the chest! The shooter dropped the gun, mafia style with a note. As I lay bleeding on the ground, I read the note about a Drive-By shooting, signed by our very own MTuccelli!!

The shells in the clip included:
Ccom Blue label
Artisan Nicaraguan Edition connie
Don Tomas Special Edition
Cusano double connie
Maroma Dulce (x2)
Sol Cubano connie
2 mystery sticks!

So I've been victimized by drive-by violence and leave behind a wife, daughter and two dogs. Won't someone please write a eulogy for me?
Big thanks to MTuccelli!


  • MTuccelliMTuccelli Posts: 2,629 ✭✭✭
    9 rounds?! I told the boy's to send One Eye'd Larry not Blind Bob!!
  • JCizzleJCizzle NYCPosts: 1,912 ✭✭
    "skweekz smoked with the best of 'em, and he went out doing something he loved. He would want all of us to hold our heads high and smoke one in his honor."


    *21 cigar salute*
    Light 'em up.
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