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Partagas-Habana Serie P No.1

Its always a nice day when a friend from back in the states crosses paths with you in a foreign country. Just so happens that my civilian buddy is working here on base with me. He's been here just as long as I have and we never knew each other was here. He caught wind of me being local and came looking for me. He came bearing 2 very nice cigars. The Partagas-Habana Serie P No.1's. We split the pair and caught up with lengthy conversation. It toasted up nice with earthy tones. It was very smooth and consistant throughout its entirety. It had a sweetness to the leaf that was excellent. The easy draw produced lots of smoke and if I was to ever inhale a cigar, I might have inhaled that one. The flavor was very nice. It burned slow and well balanced. All good things come to an end though. If you ever have a chance to grab a Partagas-Habana Serie P No.1, grab a couple. They are delicious, excellent smokes.


  • docbp87docbp87 Posts: 3,521
    Never heard a bad thing about the PSP1s. Everyone I know that has a jar is obsessed with them. Just a note though... Habana is not part of the name lol. They are Cuban cigars, which is why the band says Habana. The marca is Partagas, the cigar is Serie P No.1. Habana is the origin.
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