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Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Toro

image This 6x52 slightly box pressed stick offers a dark tan wrapper with a slight red hue, oily sheen, a velvet texture, minimal veins, tight seams and a soft woody aroma. First light reveals a very loose draw, great smoke production and mild-medium soft woody flavors with a clean finish. The first third develops to a soft mild creamy leather with a touch of sweetness and a very airy quality to the smoke. Definitely a lightweight on flavor and power, great for the morning. 30 min in the 2nd third starts with the same flavors, still remaining mild and very consistant. 1 hour at the start of the last third flavors transition a bit, dropping the leather for a creamy nut. Ending at 1:15 the reminder was the same, always with a great burn and draw. http://cigarobsession.com/cigar-reviews/diamond-crown-julius-caeser-toro-cigar-review/


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