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Vegas BABY!

LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
I will be in Vegas for April 28th-May 2nd...

I will be bringing my 15 cigar herf-a-dor so the cigars should be good, but my question is this?

This is my one vacation this year, and I will be sans woman... I will be doing the stretch limo-club hopping-strip club thing with the guys for a bachelor party one night, but what else really cool is there to do that you guys have done?

I can sit and gamble all day long, but I'd rather be out drinking and going to cool ****...
Any cheap places to drink? Any kickass restaurants to go to?
Any other little known gems???

Any little known facts about Vegas???

Let me know so I can go there and then NEVER tell my girlfriend about ANY of it!!!


  • letsgowithbobletsgowithbob Posts: 677 ✭✭
    Oh holy Cr*p, Lassie in vegas....lock up your daughters, hide your alcohol, expect news reports on all news networks....vegas will never be the same, ever. Las Vegas's cherry will be popped for the first time.
  • ENFIDLENFIDL Posts: 5,836
    Have fun man! Never been so I have no other input...lol
  • skweekzskweekz PAPosts: 2,279 ✭✭✭
    ALWAYS tip your waitress! The drinks may be free, but if you ever wanna see her again, tip and tip well.

    Wear comfortable shoes during the day...there could be lots of walking.

    If you're looking for a buffet, avoid anything labeled as $9.99 all you can eat. The Bellagio Buffet is hands down the best on the strip. Come hungry and don't be afraid to try new stuff.

    If you're into blues, there's a nice place inside of the Mirage called BB Kings or something. They had live music when we stopped in. The food was pretty good too. Treasure Island has a country western bar called Gilley's Saloon with pretty decent bar-b-que. They have a mechanical bull too which can be amusing.

    Go pool side during the day. The views are free and there's no better way to relax.

    Luxor has a nightclub called Cathouse where all the waitresses are dressed in lingerie, which is nice :0)

    Last thing I can think of, avoid anyone wearing a name tag or shirt that says Grandview Resorts. They'll try to talk to you into a time share presentation. It's like 3 miles south of the strip and a total waste of time.

    Enjoy your trip! Remember the leave the camera at home cause what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...except herpes
  • YankeeManYankeeMan Posts: 2,546 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You do intend to hit the cigar lounge, don't you?
  • TokinstogieTokinstogie Posts: 46 ✭✭
    Plan a night down town on Freemont street, Chicago Brewing Co has a cigar lounge, Binions does too, they have a little shop rolling sticks next door, Cheap and good drinks at the Side Bar, it's sort of a cigar lounge, it allso has a biker bar next door. Casa Fuente is worth a try.
    I was going to say, maybe it's time I quit drinking and smoking, tear down all the Vargas girl posters and straighten out my life. But I won't.....
  • HaysHays Costa del Sol, SpainPosts: 2,337 ✭✭✭
    Oh holy Cr*p, Lassie in vegas....lock up your daughters, hide your alcohol, expect news reports on all news networks....vegas will never be the same, ever. Las Vegas's cherry will be popped for the first time.
    Hellz yeah, my kind of party
    ¨The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea¨ - Isak Dinesen

    ¨Only two people walk around in this world beardless - boys and women - and I am neither one.¨
  • zeebrazeebra Posts: 3,174 ✭✭✭
    I'll be there from Monday - Thursday (28th) so I'll be leaving when you get in. Enjoy man!

    BOA Steakhouse, CarneVino and CUT are awesome steak places.
    Rumbar at Mirage for cigars
    Buffet at Wynn
  • lcpleellcpleel Posts: 3,455 ✭✭✭
    Best tip for you. If your looking to get Buzzed (Drunk) and then head out. Goto the nearest bar on the casino floor sit in front of the video poker machine put some money in and order all the Patron shots you want. Have Fun~!
  • leonardleonard Posts: 359
    Go to the Double Down Saloon and order some ass juice. Coolest bar in town! Make sure to hang out on Fremont street at least one night.
  • JZJZ Posts: 827
    Vegas is awesome. I'll be there May 21 - May 27. Here is my suggestions.

    Enjoying Cigars

    Napoleans (Paris) has a cigar lounge with dueling pianos
    Casa Fuente (Ceasars) Very pricey but worth checking out, they also have excellent mojitos
    You can also smoke on the casino floor, check out the pleasure pit at Planet Hollywood at night!


    Bellagio has an incredible buffet as mentioned earlier. $30
    Hard Rock has a steak and shrimp deal that is really good! $7.77 for steak, shrimp, choice of potatoe and a salad. It's at Mr. Lucky's 24/7, its not on the menu but is available 24 hours a day
    If your not from the west coast, check out In & Out Burger!

    If you have time, pick up the book American Casino Guide, its filled with discounts for food, gambling and drinks. I try to make it out to Vegas every year and the coupons far out weigh the $12 book cost.
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    All great suggestions so far guys! I'm getting super pumped! I ordered an IV full of Redbull.... Let's hope Amazon ships it in time for me to take it on my trip!!!
  • shamrockedshamrocked Posts: 285
    Alright... I just made it back from Vegas this past Sunday from a bachelor party and it was awesome. I think 3 days/nights is about all I can handle. Here are a few things that we did:

    We played golf at Paiute on the Snow course. I would highly recommend checking this out if you and the boys are into golfing. There are three golf courses there and they all sit on an indian reservation that is about a 30 minute drive from the strip. Pete Dye designed them who is also famous for designing TPC Sawgrass, etc... If you play the Wolf course there he modeled the 16th hole I believe after the par 3 at Sawgrass with the island green. Also, they have a huge cigar shop on the reservation that you pass on the way to the course. They have a huge selection and a drive thru window for convenience.

    For cigar bars in Vegas you definitely need to go to Casa Fuente and try their house blend cigar. I believe it is Opus filler with a different wrapper and it can only be purchased at there shop. If you are there Sun-Thurs they offer a special for the corona sized house blend and a mojito for around $18. This deal is awesome! And btw, it is located inside of the forum shops at Caesar's Palace.

    I ate one of the best steak dinners of my life at Craft Steak at the MGM Grand. It is owned by one of the winners of Top Chef on Bravo. It is definitely pricey but worth every last penny in my opinion. Also, another fun dinner is going to Hofbrauhaus by the Hard Rock Hotel. It replicates the real beer hall/garden in Munich, Germany. Liter beers and German food can't be beat.

    If you want to avoid spending a lot of money while out just buy handles of booze and bring them to the hotel room. Vegas does not care how much alcohol you take and drink within the room. You can then mix drinks or take shots before you go out.

    Other than that I would say hang out at the pool and/or gamble the days away. We had bottle service at the playboy club/moon at the Palms one night. I think bottles were about $425 + gratuity for a Saturday night. I also heard that The Bank at the Bellagio is an awesome club. Above all else just have a great time because who knows when you'll be back to Vegas in the situation that you're in!!
  • firetruckguyfiretruckguy Greeley, ColoradoPosts: 2,529 ✭✭✭
    I go to training in vegas once a year at the LVFD. The coolest thing at the training grounds is a hallway that is FILLED with old pictures of vegas. Some of thies are from when the first casino was being built to the old fremont street when it was dirt. Some real awesome pictures, would make a pretty cool book.

    Dik's at excaliber is a pretty cool place to grab a burger
    Maggiano's Little Italy is a sweet place to eat also (under the big silver oval wing thing by the wynn)
    The seafood buffet at the Rio rocks
    Hogg's and Heffer's great bikerish bar downtown by Fremont, pretty cool crowd
    Coyote ugly in NY NY aint a bad view at all
    The little comedy club at the Tropicana is a pretty good way to spend a couple hours

    my .02 ......have some fun!
  • vegassparkyvegassparky Posts: 365
    just for everyones information. Las vegas has a new motto. it isnt "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas". AS Utube has made things viral. The new motto is " vegas, come on vacation. go home on probation".
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for all the tips guys... I wanna hit up Casa fuente and party on Freemont for sure, The food places I'll probably hit up as well!

    I'm finally in vacation mode off of work, and I fly out tomorrow morning bright and Squirrelly!
  • LasabarLasabar Posts: 4,473 ✭✭✭
    I can barely walk, but I made it!

    Strippers, Booze, Frozen Drinks, Strippers, Cigars.... Oh God...

    First Day:
    Pool, Stretch H2 Limo, Diablo's for Dinner then Sapphire for some Eye Candy and a Cohiba Robusto with about 3 years on it
    Day 2: Pool.... That's it, got so loaded at the pool at MGM that I blacked out and woke up with some random girls phone number and lost my Maui Jim Sunglasses
    Day Three: Casa Fuente, Wedding, BB Kings then the Piano bar... And saw a guy get knocked out on the strip outside the window
    Day Four: Steak and Eggs at Hash House a Go Go, Walking around strip, Pool at Treasure Island.... Airport

    My Feet hurt, all I did today was sleep and the tables were pretty nice to me (overall won around $300)
    Kinda Disappointed to only smoke one cigar, but I brought HOME a lot of beauties from Casa Fuente and the one I did smoke was my first Cohiba Robusto, so it was well worth it... I also brought a bunch for the guys so we bought a bottle in the strip club and sat in the booth and just produced a HUGE cloud of awesomeness for the working ladies
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