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Liga Privada Dirty Rat & LP-40

Today was beautiful out here in NH i decided to make it a 2 cigar day on my deck and have a review for each of these two great cigars.

First up was the Dirty Rat.
First Look great construction beautiful dark wrapper.
First few puffs i get some spice and a sweet note. As it goes on in the first 3rd the spice is more of a cinnamon with the sweet still there. Very pleasant so far.
Starting the 2nd 3rd the cinnamon and sweet are still there. Sweet isnt as prominent as before a subtle undertone. What i first thought was leather i feel was more of a cedar.
Through out the draw was fantastic and alot of smoke being generated for this smaller stick.
Final 3rd the flavor hasnt changed alot still getting the Cedar, Cinnamon and sweet notes. Coco started to come out a bit in the end as well.
All and all i thought this was a great stick and cant wait to smoke another one. Took about 1hr.

Next up was the LP-40 Lancero. Im not 100% but i believe the wrapper is the same as on the T52 and this is Nicaraguan binder and filler.
Initial smell and cold draw i notice a hint of sweet coco.
First fee puffs are a sweet cinnamon. after about an inch the cinnamon backs down and its a pleasant sweet cedar.
The cinnamon starts to come back in the 2nd 3rd and at about the half way point i notice some leather notes. The sweet cedar is still the predominant note with the leather and cinnamon balancing everything out.
On the final 3rd leather comes to the foreground with the sweet cedar and cinnamon in the background.
This was another stick that was producing alot of smoke through out.

All and all i thought this Lancero was excellent and cant wait for this to come to market.
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