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Alec Bradley Tempus

I was at a B & M looking for some cigarillos when I came across this cigar. Never heard of it, asked the clerk about it and said what the heck and purchased the robusto. The B & M is having an Alec bradley event this coming weekend so had to try it with no aging.

The cigar was nice and firm, good looking wrapper, fairly smooth with some small veins. Toasted the foot, yummy aroma, first couple of draws, wow very spicy, which did settle down.This was a medium bodied cigar with a good amount of flavors going on. It had a bit of a toasty flavor, a little wood, some peppery spice, that got occasionally creamy. The burn was pretty decent with lots of smoke. What got me was the finish, the first third and last third was pretty clean except it had a lingering spice that was pleasant not overwhelming. The middle third the finish was almost creamy.

This isn't the best cigar I've ever tasted but I enjoyed this cigar and will be going to the tasting this weekend to pick some up.
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