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Cigars for sale

I found some cigars and humi for sale on a local forum. 36 cigars with a 50-100 count humidor. Most if not all of the cigars have been kept in there for about 5 years. any one interested?
...from the origanl post...

I have a cedar Humidor that has been kept at or around 68% humidity for five years now. It contains the following cigars:
3 Flor de Oliva Gold (in wrapper)
4 Perdomo La Tradicion (boxed torpedos)
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 1066 (in wrapper)
2 Indian Tabac (1 large 1 small)
H. Upmann 1844
H. Upmann H-2000 (in cedar wrapper)
1 Romeo Y Julieta (Habana)
1 Hojo Perfecto
1 Cohiba (Dominican)(in wrapper)
5 Don Diego Playboy Collection (in wrapper)
1 Havana Cloud
1Cuesta-Rey torpedo
1 Santa Rosa (cheap smoke)
1 Tony Borhani Gold (in wrapper)
11 Flora de Oliva Grand Cameroon
1 Montecristo Cigar Desart (?)

Ths is a total of 36 cigars ranging from mid grade to top end smokes. There are 2 or 3 (such as the Havana Cloud and Santa Rosa) that are just cheap that I picked up at tasting events but are fine cigars.


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