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So, I purchased a wine cooler to setup as a humidor. I'm at the point where i'm making certain my temp/rh levels are correct.

Right now, I'm noticing a constant 66/80 (temp/RH) level. I got to this level because I saw on a post somewhere that indicated the correct RH level at 66 deg is 80%.

My cigars taste and smoke fine (for me), but I'm concerned because I'm now hearing that the RH level should be at 70% regardless.?

I'd appreciate any clarafication that can be provided.


  • Russ55Russ55 Posts: 2,765
    80% humidity is too high. If your gauge is showing that, and your cigars are smoking/looking fine then I would calibrate your hygrometer first, because you may not actually be that high. Search for salt test, or calibration kit. If you already did that, and are actually at 80% rh, then I would take steps to lower your RH to around the 65-70% range regardless of how the sticks taste.

    What are you using for humidification? and do you have a digital hygrometer?
  • Thanks for your response.

    I will certainly get the RH lowered.

    I am currently using Gel jars (dont recall the name) and distilled water.

    I use a western caliber III digital hygrometer, which supposedly does not require calibration.

    Thanks again.
  • VidarienVidarien Posts: 246
    At 80%, id suspect they are a bit mushy and having trouble staying lit, and probably only smoking halfway through before getting tarrish.

    But anyways, just for reference, thats why they call it RH or...relative humidity. The humidty is relative to whatever the current temperature is. Whole reason why absolute humidity isnt used, because you WOULD have to know the correct level for each temperature. with 70% (try for 65% youll be happier) you're essentially saying the proportion of moisture in the air at whatever that temperature is...is 70% of its maximum capacity at that temperature.
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