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Cohiba Red Dot Review

There’s a principle in life that governs critics in every field to include cigar tasters. The basic idea is that the established convention judges the critic; the critic does not judge the convention. For example, someone who walks up to the Mona Lisa and says, “Gees, somebody needs to learn how to paint!” Well, that fool just made a statement about himself, NOT about the Mona Lisa! I feel a little like that as I presume to “rate” the venerable and touted, Cohiba Red Dot. Maybe I should pay more attention to my own signature? Perhaps another saying, one that is more specific to our context will back me up here: “Smoke what you like and like what you smoke.”

Hey, I like it! Ok? My personal means of rating a cigar gives this one an 86 but, from what I’ve seen, that equates to the low 90’s if you’re talking CA. You’ll understand if I’m a little afraid that the “Cohiba Monster” might emerge from the closet tonight and eat me alive for this sin. Maybe, since this isn’t an actual Cuban, Cohiba, I’ll live to see another day but, well… I guess I’ll just have to tell you tomorrow.

Enough with the caveats and apologies! Let me recount my experience with this fine cigar.

As you would expect, the craftsmanship is superb, however, I did notice a flaw that I’m sure is an anomaly to this particular cigar. The first two inches were both thicker and far firmer than the remaining five. Fortunately, the draw was not affected and remained consistent throughout. The cigar is wrapped with African Cameroon, filled with Dominican Republic Piloto Cubano leaf and bound with tobaccos from Jember, Indonesia; premium breeding all around.

The last several cigars I have smoked were all 54 ring gauge or larger so I enjoyed how easy it was to get a 49 gauge lit properly. In no time I was pulling a smooth, mild, black peppery fountain of flavor into my mouth and enjoying the cedary aroma. The flavor developed within an inch or so to include toasty almonds and I thought at one point I detected some coffee or dark chocolate to boot. The flavor also increased over time until it ultimately became medium-full having burned for 90 minutes.

Around 1/3 of the way in, I detected a little bit of bitterness but it dissipated by the time I reached the half-way point. I was surprised at the short finish and moderate smoke production I was experiencing initially but both seemed to be inversely proportional to the length of the cigar so that by the time I reached the end it was exactly to my liking. I wonder if this had anything to do with the higher density of the first two inches of the cigar as I described earlier? I’m pretty sure that was the culprit.

The most impressive aspect of this cigar was how well balanced and complex it was. As I mentioned before, I have smoked several large diameter cigars coming up to this review, affording the makers an unfair advantage in using a greater variety of filler tobaccos over the Cohiba. Although smaller the Red Dot squarely thrashed the larger cigars, excepting perhaps the Girkha Beauty with which it tied for “Awesome!”

Despite the guilty feeling inside for not having graded this Cohiba in the 90s, I’m sticking to my guns and declaring that this is an outstanding cigar as opposed to the Fairy Wand or Genie Bottle its reputation made it out to be. That being said, if you buy a box of Cohiba Red Dots and give them a couple of years in your humidor, you had better keep it a secret. If you don’t then you just might get to meet the “Cohiba Monster” yourself. {B-)



  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    Very thoughtful well written and creative review. While my reviews tend to be more to the point.. liked it... didn't care for it... or, wow you guys gotta try this. It's nice when people elaborate.
  • JonathanEJonathanE Posts: 401
    Thanks for the compliment. I have to watch it or I get too mellowdramatic, haha. It's fun to write though.

  • JonathanEJonathanE Posts: 401
    If anybody is looking to get a deal on some Cohibas and needs a cutter, check this out: Cohiba Cutter Set - Three Cohiba Blacks, three Cohiba Red Dots and a Xicar Xi2 cutter.


  • JCizzleJCizzle NYCPosts: 1,912 ✭✭
    You piqued my interest on this Red Dot, it's gonna have to be smoked soon.
    Light 'em up.
  • JonathanEJonathanE Posts: 401
    I'll give you one of the Blacks when they come in too.


  • I smoked my first Cohiba Red Dot night before last. I bought the sampler mentioned above, and I'll be trying a box when they are gone. Excellent smoke.
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