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Seasoning questions?

Hey everyone i just got my Havana foot locker today and i had a couple of questions about seasoning it and how i can speed up the process. First off how much should i wipe it down i know that if you want to increase it you just wipe it down lightly with a damp sponge but not to damp how often should i do this? Next i have heard that you can put a small shot glass in the bottom filled with distilled water will using a bigger glass or bowl speed it up more? And lastly how lond does it usually take to season because i have alot of cigars that i just got in and i was just wondering they are in plastic bags right now and if it take to long i think i might just go put them in my friends humidor. Thank everyone, Brian


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    Bad AndyBad Andy Posts: 848
    First...slow your roll bro. If you do this right the better off you will be. Your cigars will be fine if they are stored proberly in the bags they came in. Wipe it down with distilled water like you were saying. Then put in a shollow dish or glass of distilled water and a cal'd digital hygrometer. Let it sit for 2-3 days before you check it again. Once it hits 70 rh for a couple 3 dyas then you can slowly add your smokes. Are you using beads? If so put those in befor you put in the smokes.
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    j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    Follow Andy's advice, it's solid. A shallow bowl will work better than a shot glass, because there is more surface area of the water exposed, therefore it will be more readily absorbed. I've stored cigars in plastic bags for up to a couple weeks and they were just fine, so don't worry about them, a cigar can take more punishment than many would have you believe.
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    smokestersmokester Posts: 131
    Thanks for the advice guys all great info.
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