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Leon Jimenes Series 300 corona

I just got these in today and smoked one ROTT. I'll do a more formal review after letting them sit for a few weeks.

I want to put this out there now, though, because even ROTT this is an oustanding cigar, and it can currently be had for dirt cheap. I paid $2 per stick for a box of 25 coronas, and they can still be had for just slightly more. I can drop a PM to whomever is interested.

Perfect burn and draw for the entire 90 minutes. Yes, this corona lasted a legitimate hour and a half. Admittedly, I was smoking at a leisurely pace, but I certainly wasn't nursing the thing, and it never went out on me.

It's a nice smooth medium-bodied smoke, with light spices, some hints of fruit, and at certain points very powerful blasts of cocoa and cinnamon. These things are going to be flat-out amazing after they acclimate.

This experience confirms my suspicion that the smaller ring gauges are the way to go with this cigar. A few years ago I had one of this in a 5 x 48, I think it was, and it was one of my first "holy crap" experiences with a cigar. I picked up a few larger gauge torpedos based on that initial experience, and they didn't compare. These coronas, however, are exactly what I recall from that first experience.


  • blurrblurr Posts: 962 ✭✭
    These sound tasty, nice review. If anybody out there is interested in trying these, and they are still available in corona or robusto size, I would be interested in doing a box split. PM me anyone who wants to split 2 or 3 or 4 ways.
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