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Trade...second try RP, AB, LHCOF, GH

Heres what I got of AB: 4 1997 Fam Select Toros, 5 tempus (torpedo) Imperators, 2 tempus (torpedo) Imperators maduro, 3 tempus 50x5 Quadrum, 2 tempus 60x6, 5 tempus quadrum maduro. I have Rocky Patel Vintaage 1992s, Gran Habano 2002 (Robusto and Churchill), La Herencia Cubano Oscuro Fuerte Beli. Looking for some PDRs,Tat, Illusione, Jaime Garcia Reservas, Nestor Miranda Art Decos, JDN Antano or Dark Corojo or Celebracion. I am pretty much a Med to Full flavor guy w Toro and Torps being my fav sizes. Other than those I am open to ideas.


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    pm bro
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    PM sent
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    PM sent...

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