Carlos Torano Signature Toro

This dark black 6


  • blurrblurr Posts: 962
    Enjoy the pics as always. I love this cigar. Really what I look for as a maduro taste, it burns and draws great, & is well constructed, except for that one in the pic. Mine are all flawless wrappers. The kicker is the price point, I scored a 10 pack of torpedos for less than $3 a stick, and regular box prices online aren't much higher than that. Definitely recommend trying this stick if you enjoy maduros.
  • Amos_UmwhatAmos_Umwhat West TNPosts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I love these, too. Wish they were a CCOM option, they weren't when last I checked. Hmm, let me check now....nope, not there. :(
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  • dowjr1dowjr1 Posts: 600
    I do love a good maduro so maybe I will have to give these a shot. They certainly look good.
  • alienmisprintalienmisprint Posts: 3,961
    I really dig these too, and agree totally about the price point too. You can get them pretty regularly for around $3 a stick, at that price they simply can't be beat.
  • Jetmech_63Jetmech_63 Posts: 3,454 ✭✭✭
    Great stick, if you dig these try a Virtuoso...
  • bobojobobojo Posts: 13
    Glad you enjoyed it, Bryan. One of my favorites. Not as complex as the 50 Years, but the price point makes it a winner.

    Thanks for reviewing it!
  • ug danug dan Posts: 375
    Love the Signature series. The toros were my first ever box purchase. Great value smoke!
  • The_KidThe_Kid Posts: 7,871 ✭✭✭
    Great stick, if you dig these try a Virtuoso...
    SSHHHHH secret gems
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