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Don Lino Africa

Any thoughts on these? I'm still reletively new to cigars and have yet to smoke the same kind of stick twice so I can try as many different ones as possible to see what I like. Unfortunatley, I really like most of them. All the 5 Vegas, LFD, La Gloria Cubana, GOF and others have all been really good. However, last night I smoked the Don Lino Africa and really didn't like it. It lacks what I'd call any "oomph." It was like the flavor needed to be turned up. Construction wasn't great either, so I'm sure that didn't help, but it was the first time I decided to not even finish it. I smoked a Greycliff 1666 the other day which I had a similar flavor complaint with. Just trying to see what others thought or maybe my tastes are changing? Thanks, Matt


  • madurofanmadurofan Posts: 6,219 ✭✭✭
    Heh, I'd never heard of Don Lino's but after a little google-fu. http://www.stogiereview.com/2008/02/13/don-lino-africa-duma/

    Sounds interesting, sorry you didn't enjoy.
  • TumblerTumbler Posts: 338 ✭✭
    I haven't had the Don Lino Africa either. Saw - it but never tried it. I do like the Greycliff 1666 though. I have probably been smoking cigars since the spring. I think I would stick with 5ers for awhile. :) My taste changed rapidly as I smoked cigars. I have settled in a little, but still expect the palate to evolve for a while.
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,257 ✭✭✭
    Hey Matt, I had a Don Lino Africa and had pretty much the same experience. A forgetable cigar with not much zest, average taste profile, below average construction and burn.. I would not buy this one again, or recommend it. (Sorry Don) I did enjoy the original line back in the 90's when no one else liked them.
  • j0z3rj0z3r Posts: 9,403 ✭✭
    Glad this thread popped up...the DL Africa sounded like it might be a good one, however I have come to find out that some of the people responsible for writing cigar descriptions are very good at making a mediocre cigar sound very good. Salesmen....arghhhh.
  • can't comment on the Don Lino, but for the Graycliff, let them sit awhile. I didn't care for these when i first got them, but after just a few months, they really started to develop. I'm going to wait till summer to try another one but I hope they keep going at the rate they are.
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