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Going to Asheville, NC..

Just wondering if there were any good B&M's or cigar bars in the area worth checking out.


  • beatnicbeatnic Posts: 4,133
    Not as many as you would think, the Carolinas being known for tobacco. This is cigarette country. They also have loy=ts of "smoke shops" that specialize in glass pipes. Real nice place. Nice downtown walking areas, nature very close, views, etc.
  • Yea, it's been a few years since I've been there. Definately a nice little hippy town though, food, art, music. Gonna be a fun trip.
  • HeavyHeavy Posts: 1,591 ✭✭✭
    I love Asheville, it's definitely an ecclectic community. Cool shops, restaurants, live music and a big time hedonistic vibe. Having said that, I don't know of any good B&M's and knowing the attitude around there, you'd probably get more crap smoking a cigar walking down the street than you would if you were smoking a joint.
    Have a fun trip. Don't eat the brownies
  • adrosadros Posts: 216
    I was in asheville a couple years ago and wondered downtown one night and found the streets closed off a beer garden set up and Keller Williams and a few other bands playing for free under an overpass. It was freekin awesome, one of the craziest nights I can remember.
  • mbetotmbetot Posts: 10
    I just moved to Asheville from Raleigh, where we had many great B&M's and Cigar Bars. Asheville on the other hand only has 3 B&M's that I have found so far. You are in luck however, there is one pretty good shop with a great group of people that hang out there. B&B Tobacconists. 377 Merrimon Avenue http://www.bbtobacconists.com/index.html If you are there on a Tuesday or Thursday around lunch, ask for the guy from Raleigh. Mike
  • Good find. I'll actually be getting into town Fri. eve. Meeting some friends that live down there for Bele Chere.
  • mbetotmbetot Posts: 10
    We went to Belle Chere Friday evening as well, had a good time. Music was pretty good, people were interesting. If you are in town of Wednesday (August 3rd) there is a cigar dinner happening at: Sazerac's of Asheville 29 Broadway Asheville, NC Runs from 5 to 9. Buy one of their sticks and Altadis will give you one free. Mike
  • kaelariakaelaria Posts: 572
    My cousin lives there - way to hillbilly hippie for me! lol
  • mbetotmbetot Posts: 10
    No lie there. Downtown hippie, and redneck in the hills. With a smattering of regular folks around. Still not a bad place to live so far.
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