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Obsidians by PDR

Obsidians Mini Corona
4 1/2 x 38


  Dark brown wrapper feels wet packed. Taste of coco on the lips and sweet tobacco draw is tight. Very firm and spongy.

First third:

Coco and cedar dominate the taste buds. It does have a nice aroma almost a deep fruit. Draw is restrictive but manageable.

Second third:

Unchanged as power kick in with a tad stronger note which tickle my nose. Draw eases a bit getting more smoke production. Finish is short. I'm picking up some salty notes. A bit of richness and leather show up. Burn is perfect.

Last third:

  There is a bit of strength on this one. Still along the same lines ad before but the strength dials up but the flavors remain. Coco, Leather, some Expresso notes show up. Finish starts to get a bit longer. Still picking up dark fruit scents but not found in the flavor due to the other dominate factors. Draw is now near perfect.

Final thoughts:

Complex this cigar is not but defined it is. This is a PDR product and it makes not excuses about it. It is medium full and best smoked with an Expresso or other full body coffee. I am happy with my purchase at the box price point however the single stick price is a bit high. This is a good cigar and with age behind it will even quantify at full price point. I did smoke it ROTT so I will give it a few weeks and revisit.

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  • The SniperThe Sniper Posts: 3,910
    Thanks for the review, been wondering about these things. Gonna have to give them a whirl at some point.

  • BlueRingsBlueRings Posts: 367
    Give them some time to mellow out. If you like PDRs then you should like these. They need at least two to four months. Enjoy!
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