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Obsidian (Pinar Del Rio)

Smoking one of these (Robustos) ROTT after picking up a box from Tim. The aroma is fantastic, I really cant get enough of it!! The smoke is abundant (especially for ROTT) and has a pronounced sweetness on the middle/back of the tongue, also noticeable through the retrohale. Overall flavor profile (keeping in mind my palate is VERY basic here) is a dark coffee/earth. The finish, after the sweetness leaves the tongue, is a mild pepper. I havn't had a cigar this good ROTT since the MOW Puro Authentico, a few months on these and they will be great!!


  • BlueRingsBlueRings Posts: 367
    Yeah they are pretty good and at the box price they are a no brainer. I want to see how these do after 6m to a year if they last that long.
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