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High temp in coolidor

I'm having trouble getting the temperature in my coolidor down. I had it in the low 70s until the last week or so. The humidity is a little high as well (around 75). And I think it's causing my cigars to tear when I cut them and unravel as I smoke them. Maybe I have more than one problem?


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    First off, did you salt test/calibrate your hygrometer? Second, what's the ambient temp in the room you have it in? I keep mine in the dining room with the air conditioner so temp is never an issue. What are you using for humidity? Beads, gel jars? I'd get pretty aggressive it getting it all under control 'cause you're flirting with a beetle infestation.

    State College, eh? I'm down in Altoona.
  • No, I didn't calibrate it. So I guess that's something I should have done first. Does it matter if it's a digital hygrometer? Do I still need to calibrate it? Room temp is about what the hygrometer reads. The odd thing is that the temp is going up now, but it didn't go up during the month-long heatwave. And I'm using beads. I put a small ice pack on a towel in it and it seems to be bringing the temp down, but not enough.

    I'm actually in Howard (about 20 minutes outside of SC). Near Bald Eagle State Park/Sayers Lake.
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    I would definitely calibrate it with a salt test. If it doesn't have a knob on it to adjust it, you'll just have to keep a mental note as to how high it's reading.

    Did you ever go down to The Cigar Den? A couple guys I work with wanna take a trip up to check it out.
  • I've been there a bunch of times, but I haven't been there since I started ordering here and CI. Their prices are higher and they have a decent selection. I've been meaning to stop in and check out their pipes and such though. They have a smoking room that looks pretty nice too.

    I'd say any cigar shop is worth checking out at least once. And if you do come up, bring a bottle of your favorite liquid sin (if that's still allowed). :D
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    I'll have to get up to check it out. We have ZERO in terms of a B&M here, aside from a small walk-in humidor in the local Puff 'n Stuffs. There is no place to go buy a stick and sit to smoke it.

    Let us all know how you make out with getting your temp/humidity down.
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