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Need help!

I was cleaning out my grandparents barn this afternoon and came across a bunch of cigar boxes, wooden and cardboard. Some were not in good shape but one in particular caught my eye.
It is wooden and stamped with The Plaza hotels logo and reads "Specials Manufactured Exclusively for The Plaza New York" this is also on the inside when you open the box. On the side it says Boite Nature. It is stamped on the bottom, which factory it was from and a notice. On the front where the clasp is, (which is metal and slides back forth) is another stamp of how much the cigars should sold for.
All I have been able to find out so far is that the box is made similarly to other boxes that have Boite Nature on them and that from the stamp it probably is no older than 1960.
I would love any information anyone could offer. When The Plaza may have had their own cigar boxes? Value?


  • The SniperThe Sniper Posts: 3,910
    Click on this link and noodle around the site a bit, you may find what you're looking for...

    National Cigar Museum

    If you cant find what you're looking for by checking out the site, you can email the "curator" (Tony Hyman) and ask him directly. Good luck!

  • BAM28BAM28 Posts: 2
    Thank you! That did help, confirms a lot about the box, now I am just cursious about a price! haha
  • The SniperThe Sniper Posts: 3,910
    So what did you find out?

  • Cigar-758496Cigar-758496 Posts: 2
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    I have been looking on the internet for hours to find out what my cigar box is and I havent saw anything like it  how much but I can't find anything so I think it's rare but I need help!! I'm gonna post pics
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    An interesting find to be sure. Your best bet may be to find someone online who collects cigar boxes and find out who may be able to help you. Always bear in mind that rare or unusual (in any collecting situation) does not necessarily equate to value. Honus Wagner tobacco cards are only worth the money they fetch because someone finds value in collecting the few that exist.

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    Why the mirror view on those three photos?  Something to do with Snapchat?
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    ?sdrawkcab daer uoy naC 
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    Guitarded said:
    ?sdrawkcab daer uoy naC 
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    American Stogie Co., office in New York City, made in various PA factories 

    Acme Seed, American Rule, American Stogie, Black Ben, Blue Points (for Collins CC), Capital Club, Capital Smoke, Climax, Corkers, Country Judge, Crowned Beauty, Cuban Straights, Famous, Fashion Rolls, Florida Pickings, Georgian Prince, Golden Gate, Green Seal, Happy Jacks, Happy Nicks, Hiawatha, Hot Corn [11040], Hot Shot, Hunter’s Selection, Jolly Clown, King Dutch, Midway, Oakmonts, Old Sports, Our Country’s Pride Cheroots, Pittsburg Smoke, Pittsburg Special, Pocahontas, Princeton Puffs, Pumpkin Pie, Puritan, Reveille, Saw Logs, Seal of West Virginia, Schenley Park Bouquet, Schoolboy, Silver Dollar, Sole Agent, Spotted Friends, Sunflower, Star Pittsburgh, Town Talk, Tropical Flowers, Whip-poor-will  “and any other brands, private, special or otherwise, that are manufactured by the American Stogie Company for your firm.”  Brands from 1905 company list.

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    Guitarded said:
    ?sdrawkcab daer uoy naC 
    Ha!  You goofball. I'm try'na learn something here and you're making jokes. Not bad, though....

    i never use snapchat chat so I don't know if there's something a person needs to do to have photos turn out the right wayI can't imagine taking the photos with a mirror so how do ya S'pose they came out like that?  Hmmm?  Inquiring minds wanna know....  :p
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    I am the wrong guy to answer a tech question!  :s
    Friends don't let good friends smoke cheap cigars.
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    cool box but it doesn't appear to be in very great shape. 
    so if you're looking to get much $ for it you're probably S.O.L.

    however, if you're just curious about it and looking for more info.....check out the national cigar museum at the website below. 
    you could also try contacting them but they've never been quick to respond in my experience. 


    * I have a new address as of 3/24/18 *

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