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Splits and delaminates

FNGFNG Posts: 3

I'm new to the aficianado aspect of cigars but I've been buying a handful of premiums at the local smoke shop for several years. A friend told me about Cigar.com and now I'm buying variety and expanding my smoking horizons. Something I noticed recently was the way a couple of my Rare Corojos split when I smoked them. They were in good condition and felt springy to the touch, they drew well and burned even for the first inch. Then a 1" split occurred. I wondered if the heat of the smoke passing throught he cigar expanded the filler?? I smoked them past the split and the smokes finished just fine. I have had a couple of my natural wrapped 5 Vegas peel or delaminate the wrapper as well. Many others (Camachos, El Rey Del Mundos, Partagas Blacks from the same humi have smoked just fine. But these are all Maduro types. I dont trust the Hygrometer that  came with my humi but I dont really think the RH is that high. Do you think it is just the cigars?




  • CastleCrestCastleCrest Posts: 51
    There are a few factors that could cause this -
    I'd suggest starting by getting a digital hygrometer, salt test it & go from there.
    When your cigar split - were you outside?
  • FNGFNG Posts: 3

    Not precisely "outside", but in a large open metal warehouse type building. The smokes exhibited a true split, not just a blow out where a stem was.

    according to my hygrometer I'm at 65% but as I said and you suggested, the device has not been verified. Something I do intend to do. To have the wrappers peel off like skin from a bad sunburn though, can that be RH related?

  • CastleCrestCastleCrest Posts: 51
    To have the wrappers peel off like skin from a bad sunburn though, can that be RH related?

    Yes it can -

    Is your hygro - Digital.

    The dial kind never work right! - NEVER!!!

    & extreme changes in enviroment will cause splits when the RH is high!
  • FNGFNG Posts: 3

    The hygrometer is analog, I'll get a digital type. Thanks,


    BTW, I had a rare corojo from the same humi today.... no splits,,,,, good burn,,,,yum




  • Prometheus Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer http://www.cigar.com/accessories/viewaccessories.asp?subcatid=acc_humf The most accurate digital hydrometer I have ever used...every time I say that, someone always says "just buy the adjustable kind"...but I have never had one of those actually adjust and be as accurate as the Prometheus.
  • Don't mess with anyone of those. Get an Oasis Plus XL. I reviewed it on my blog. This thing is great and well worth it. In addition, you do not want fluctuation of temperature or humidity. This will contribute splitting.


    Pete T


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