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This Bork has jumped in and hasnt stopped since! Well he warned me it was coming, I packed up and moved cross state, Not cause I was ascared, well maybe a little. Then when I thought the coast was clear I moved back. So today I arrive at the Post office and I saw that there was a big hole in their roof. I made a joke about the satellite that passed over us the other day, Uh didnt get many laughs, They kinda know me now after having to remodel most of the building and lets not forget the decon team that was deployed. Anyway in an area that was cordoned off I saw Big T's pkg sitting there, Oh shittt! I tried to run but two big burly security gaurds blocked the entrance. I had to take my medicine like a big boy. Heres the damage that BIG T unleashed!!. Thank You Big T your extremely generous and I'm excited bout smokin each one. Haven't tried the Titan de Bronzes nor the AJ signature. Thank You again. Love the rest!!!
Big T


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