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Greetings All

Hello everybody :)  It's my first time posting here, so I'd thought I'd at the least say hello before diving in and making a nuisance of myself  =P

I'm a career Firefighter for the Forest Service, been at it for twenty years now, and live in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana.  I got started smoking cigars back in '96 by a friend I worked with at Wheeler Gorge down in CA.  I currently blame Rich for me being a few thousand dollars poorer =P, but damn it all if I have not had some of the most relaxed, enjoyable, peaceful moments of my life with a glass of spirits in one hand, a good cigar in the other, and my feet on the railing watching the world go by as slow as you please :D


Anyway, there I be...and just placed an order too :D.  Donny had a good spring sampler cooked up of some things I have been wanting to try; and the humi was starting to look only about 75% full LOL


  • Hope you Don't mind if I tag onto your thread.

    Hello all
    I used to post on here a couple of years ago and somehow got sidetracked and took some time away.  I'm back and I guess everyone is getting a new start.  I am also in the fire service as a career Firefighter/Paramedic in the Dallas area.  Been smoking for several years and smoke about one a day on average.  Looking forward to learning more.
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    Welcome.....great having you guys aboard.
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    Welcome guys...good to see the board expand with new/old botl.
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    Welcome aboard guys. Good to have you. -Dave
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