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Game Six...

HeavyHeavy Posts: 1,591 ✭✭✭
...WOW!!! That was one for the history books. Cards were the first team to ever score in the 8th, 9th and 10th innings in World Series history....not to mention the walk-off in the 11th. Un-freakin real!


  • ENFIDLENFIDL Posts: 5,836
    That was crazy! I'm not a fan of either team but this whole world series has just been awesome!
  • CvilleECvilleE Cville, KYPosts: 1,594 ✭✭✭
    yeah i told my wife it would be over if the Rangers could hold them off in the 9th(she was gettin impatient to watch anything but the game), and my holy S*** that was a hell of a come back....both teams battled till the end...never seen that many error in a game though since t-ball....
  • kaspera79kaspera79 Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭
    I love Championship sporting events, and this game was the reason why. Game Seven will be a must see.
  • robbyrasrobbyras Posts: 5,487
    I love baseball and I've watch a LOT of games in my life... I'm 34, but I worked for the A's for one season and been with the Giants for six seasons now, so I've seen the good and the bad, the long and the short...I remember one game in Oakland, it was Mark Buehrle vs. Mark Mulder... it lasted about 93 minutes cuz they both were grip it and rip it kind of pitchers at the time...

    with all that said, last night was one of the funnest experiences I've had watching a game... It's nice to not care who wins, so you don't get too stressed or anything... that was a great game...
  • PDWIGSPDWIGS Posts: 82
    That game was an instant classic...hope game seven has just as many fireworks...GO CARDINALS!!!
  • ShotgunJohnShotgunJohn Lakewood WAPosts: 1,545 ✭✭
    I was watching last night at the cigar event and, they delayed the raffle to watch the result, the last 4 innings were classic, what a well fought win for the Cards
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