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Punch Magnum.....odd experience...

KingoftheCoveKingoftheCove Posts: 932 ✭✭✭
Smoked my first Punch, a Magnum, last night.
Took it out, inspection revealed nice wrapper, felt great/solid/consistent....good construction.
Prelite aroma was wonderful, a hint of hay, quality tobacco aromas
Toasted it, then did a vcut with Wolf cutter, and a test draw....too tight....did a second vcut, draw improved, but was still a tad tight. I thought/hoped it would loosen up during the smoke.

I lite it up and it has a wonderful flavor, almost fruity/sweet, and the retrohale is smooooth right off the bat!
I'm thinking this is going to be an awesome smoke.
But the draw remained tight, in fact, seemed to get worse as the smoke progressed. Then the burn line went wonky, and I was in touch-up mode for a while. Then, for the remainder of the smoke, I really had to draw hard to get a puff, but when I did draw hard, the smoke was wonderful, and flavor smooth and fine.

Burn issues and hard draws persisted for the entire duration of the smoke, yet it tasted great the entire time..........that's never happened to me before..............and was an odd experience.
I have one more that I will dry box for 24 hours before smoking it......I think that will help (eventhough the humi it came from stays at 65/66 rh.)


  • BigT06BigT06 Posts: 3,899
    I think a guillitine cutter would solve your prob. Some smokes just don't like a v. And if it's tight to start, the build up of tar in the small opening could make it get progressively tighter.
  • KingoftheCoveKingoftheCove Posts: 932 ✭✭✭
    yeah - I was wondering about that, plus that fact that I didn't bother to ream it (and I should have) - but I did a double 90 degree v-cut, which probably is 75% or more of a gulliotine snip (smoke opening) I'm guessing.
    Still, the burn problem was most likely on me for being lazy and stupid.
    It was dark, I was on the outdoor couch. next to the fire, relaxed............the gulliotine and reamer were all the way in my office............at least 50 feet away!!

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