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Cigar events do you get good deals?

I was looking at making a box purchase of Kristoff Maduro cigars. I found ut that they will be having an event couple hours away where my sister lives. I could have her pick them up. My question is do you get pretty good deals at these events? Is it enough to go through the hastle?


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    lonewolf2011lonewolf2011 Posts: 503
    It depends on the event. Most of the ones I have been to do not discount the cigars unless you buy a full box with a max discount of 10-20%. Usually it is a buy X and get X free type of deal. Examples: buy 5 get 2 free, buy 10 get 4 free, buy a box get 10 free. Best bet is to call the hosting store and ask what they will be doing.
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    docbp87docbp87 Posts: 3,521
    If you are going to buy the box, and an event is coming up soon, wait and get it at the event. Most everyone at least throws some free sticks, or a good discount or whatever at you during an event.
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